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Four Box System to organize your house! Organize, Illuminate and Enjoy clutter-free life!

Posted on March 12, 2016 by Tetyana Hanna | 0 comments

Clutter free, organizing your house

Life is full of choices, but living it as a minimalist has its many rewards.

First of all, minimalism is a way of life. It is a tool that can help us find more freedom. Freedom from fear, worry, overwhelm, and even, freedom from guilt and depression.

Living with less actually makes us healthier, in that, we eliminate discontent and reclaim our time, which means more time to pursue our real dreams and passions. It also helps us to focus more on the important things in life, like spending quality time with our family and friends. And, it will help us find more time to exercise and more time to be outdoors to do wonderful activities such as hiking, biking, gardening and the like.

It's not to say that having things are bad, but limiting them to where it doesn't become a burden to us or those around us can be very liberating and healthy.

There are a lot of methods out there to help us declutter, but the Four Box method seems to be the easiest and best way to go. 


Start by gathering three boxes and a large trash can. Label the boxes, "Keep", "Donate/Sell" and "Storage." Things that are of no value or need to be thrown away goes in the trash can. To help keep our planet sustainable, I do recommend using the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle method, alongside it.

Take the four boxes to the declutter area and pick up each piece of clutter, one at a time. Ask yourself, "Do I want to Keep, Donate/Sell, Store it, throw away or recycle?" Make sure you follow through with each item you are handling.

Give yourself about 10 to 15 minutes to empty the boxes at the end of your decluttering session. Start putting all 'Keep' items in their appropriate places (kitchen items belong in kitchen area, etc). The 'Donate/Sell' items should be stored either in the trunk of a car to be dropped off at a charity donation center or outside of the house or in a garage for selling at a later time. As for 'Storage' items, make a brief inventory of the contents to put in the box for reference and put in a storage area. Finally, empty the trash can & recycle bin quickly to prevent second thoughts.

The Four Box method can work for anyone and can be used to clear a shelf or drawer each day. Or, apply it as part of a whole-house weekend attack on clutter. By forcing a decision, it will help motivate you to a more clutter-free lifestyle.


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