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About Us

My name is Tetyana. I am the owner and creator of Tetyana naturals. After my son was born with special needs, for which the reasons were never explained, I started to look at what we were putting into and onto our bodies and realized that everything we used contained some kind of unnatural chemical.

I started the art of soap making in 2011 because soap is one of the things that we used daily. Hands, bodies, hair, clothes, and dishes were some of the things we washed with unnatural, chemical soap.  By making this facet of our daily lives natural, I felt that our family’s health would improve. I started small with some melt and pour kits, but continued to expand my knowledge and skill in soap making, eventually graduating to the cold-process I use today. I made my products in the garage; giving them to family and friends as gifts. They all praised my products and told me that I should start selling my soap. That is when Tetyana naturals started, during the summer of 2012.

My daughter, who was one-and-a-half at the time, started to develop baby eczema. We tried all the “doctor recommended” creams and lotions from the pharmacy, but those only made it worse. I decided that natural was the only way to go. I conducted my research and developed Baby Soap. My daughter’s eczema seemed to vanish overnight.

 In January of 2014, I opened a store in Killeen. The store allowed me to expand my customer base and move out of the garage and into a proper manufacturing facility. Today, Tetyana naturals offers solid lotions, goats milk lotions, coffee cream, hand cream, body scrubs, body butters, bath salts, bath bombs, bath melts, bath teas, facial products, baby products, eczema products, lip balms, lip scrubs, massage oils, decorative soaps, and 40 different types of soap bars.

Tetyana naturals continues to grow, but my dream is to place my products on the shelves of bigger stores. I truly care about each ingredient I put in my skincare line: its quality, origin, and benefit. Fresh fruits, locally produced goats milk, vitamin-E, and premium food-grade oils are base ingredients for my soap bars. All my products are cruelty free. We also use only sustainable organic palm oil so local ecosystems can be saved.