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Our Ingredients: Colorants

What we use to color our Soap Bars:


Natural Colorants

Fresh Ground Coffee

Cocoa Powder

Activated Charcoal

Dead Sea Mud

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Clays (French Rose Clay, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, etc.)


and more!



Oxides and ultramarines fall into this category. They are not considered natural but “nature identical” and skin safe. They come from mines and are FDA approved.


This is the same colorant that you see in your lip sticks, eye shadows, and make up as whole. It provides smooth color and nice shimmer. Micas are not natural, but are FDA approved and skin safe.


FD&C Colorants

These are not natural colorants and many of them were recalled by FDA. We do not use FD&C Colorants in our Products.