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Why Solid Soap & Not Liquid Soap

Why we prefer Solid Soap, not Liquid Soap:

Liquid Soap vs Soap Bar
Liquid Soap vs Soap Bar

Let’s think about our environment for a moment…


-Liquid soap comes in a plastic container. Plastic is made from chemicals and does not decay quickly, staying on our Earth for thousands of years.

- Using liquid soap involves guesswork about the right amount to use. Many people end up using more than twice the recommended amount. By doing this you will consume twice the amount of water while rinsing. Using a bar of soap allows you to know exactly when you have enough suds. In the end, the soap bar lasts longer then liquid soap. Your soap ends up being cheaper and you save a lot on your water bill.

- Liquid Soap contains a lot of water and preservatives. Our natural Soap Bars are made with pure oils, fresh goat milk, essential oils, skin safe fragrances and other ingredients, like oatmeal, honey, herbs and similar. There is very little water added to the soap bar, which ends up evaporating during the curing/drying process.


- Liquid soap is also much heavier than a soap bar, resulting in more expensive shipping costs for you.

Soap bars seem to have many advantages over liquid soap; they are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and better for your skin. It just makes sense not to make liquid soap.